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democracy not freedom
"Two weeks before the April election I was at a high school. Most of
the final-year students were over 18 and looking forward to voting for the first time. There was one black youth who disagreed. Why was he
not going to vote? "We fought for freedom. All we got was democracy."" uk.politics.misc

British democracy
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British referendum on a european constitution  PART 1 PART 2
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Campaign for real democracy
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check or balance  

Comparison and ranking of democracy in different countries
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Creative, colourful, powerless  
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Daily Mail "referendum" for referendum on european convention's constitution
In addition to the Daily Mail's "straw poll", a survey of fifty thousand british citizens shows an overwhelming majority in favour of a referendum. So far (August 2003) the government ignores this.
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Democracy and the second Irish referendum on the european treaty of Nice.  
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Democracy law - a model for Britain?  
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Direct vs representative democracy
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Electoral apathy?
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E/D demokratische Kultur
To: German speakers, linguists, academics.

Euro referendum....  
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How can the people control unelected quangoes

Improved model of democracy
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Initiative and Referendum
Friends in Glasgow and Clydeside Many people have expresssed discontent with the way democracy works and there are different opinions as to what should be done to improve it ...

Legal basis for national referendums: On-line discussion concerning the legal basis for national referendums in Britain. Venue: British university fora; law-public, public-admin-and-management

legal basis for national referendums
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Meaningful participation could reduce electors' apathy  
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Offering more democracy could revive interest in politics  
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Referendum on a European constitution  
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Report: Direct democracy in Britain
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Supremacy of Parliament
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Switzerland and Britain  
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Unconsidered or unwanted democratic reforms?  

Voter apathy?

Voting - without the WP formatting! OOPS

Web Antidote for Political Apathy
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