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Introduction to citizens' initiative and referendum

Democracy: UK compared with other countries

Many people have expresssed discontent with the way democracy works and there are different opinions as to what should be done to improve it. In Britain, for instance, there are plans to reform the second chamber of parliament and perhaps to change the system for electing members of parliament.

We propose another improvement, namely to introduce the right of citizens to introduce their own proposals or laws to be put to the people's vote and the right to change or veto laws passed by parliament. An agreed number of supporting signatures must be collected to start these procedures. This type of "direct democracy", side by side with "representative democracy", is already well tried in Switzerland, the USA and elsewhere. New systems of communication such as internet may prove to be helpful for improving and reforming both types of democracy.

At present we are allowed to vote for candidates, parties and their promises once every few years. "Initiative and referendum" allows us to vote and decide directly on those important issues, problems and challenges of public affairs which we citizens select.

Click here to see our basic proposal for the introduction of citizens' initiative and referendum in Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Our campaign is called
I&R~GB Citizens' initiative and referendum

The aims are:

- to inform and educate about initiative and referendum (I and R) and direct democracy

- to promote a public debate about I and R, and direct democracy, in Britain

- to work for the introduction of elements of direct democracy,
such as I and R, and recall of elected representatives, into the British system of government.

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