citizens' initiative and referendum


Please note: Below you find the contents of I&R's unique report on democracy in Britain.The report in full version and access to later updates will be available on-line only to I&R members. To find out how to become a member click here.
notes for an on-going documentation and report concerning:
Prospects for more democracy in Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Michael Wallace-Macpherson



Current practice and developments

Some real-life examples.
  Is local democracy awakening?

Spontaneous and "do-it-yourself" referendums.

Cautious steps towards reform "from above"

Choosing to elect a mayor and form of local council.

Local authorities organise referendums.

What the political parties promise

An historical note

Promoters of democratic change

Political parties, uncertain allies

Evidence of broader support for I&R and direct democracy

The campaigners

Support from Abroad

Prospects for success of proposals to introduce more direct democracy


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