Local Direct Democracy in England and Wales: Prospects for Reform

Critique of local democracy and proposals for reform

UK government calls for input (deadline 30th Jan. 2015)

Critique of local democracy and proposals for reform

Need for reform of the Parish Poll, part of Local Direct Democracy

Memo of March 2009
Future local referenda and polls would have more weight if the rules for their admissibility and conduct were to be improved – at present by international standards they are bad. For instance, the local council is not obliged to properly inform residents about an upcoming poll; there is no right to vote by post; time allowed to attend polling stations is too short. The law governing Parish Polls is laid down in the Local Government Act of 1972 and in one or more later decrees coming from Whitehall see http://www.iniref.org/local-referendum.html Improvements to the laws and rules should include the following: more / link

Localism Bill: Proposal for improvements in citizen-led direct democracy

Memo submitted for the Localism Bill by Dr Michael Macpherson about the need for direct democracy in local government
House of Commons Public Bill Committee on the Localism Bill 2010-11

Recommendations about parish democracy to the Department for Communities and Local Government
Letter of April 2011

Dear Mr. Pickles and colleagues,
We understand that it is the intention of the Minister to reform the regulation of referendum democracy at the level of parish. .... and wish to present here some recommendations about parish democracy. more /link

REPLY from UK Department for Communities and Local Government, June 2011

History and regulation of parish polls in law

LOCAL REFERENDUM IN ENGLAND AND WALES: THE PARISH POLL Probably few people know of our rights to initiate community and parish referendums. more

UK government calls for input

Modernise Parish Polls

The Department for Communities and Local Government are seeking views on proposals to modernise parish polls.

Please see the below link to the consultation


The consultation closes on the  30th January 11:45

Consultation description

A parish poll allows for a ballot of local government electors in the parish to be called on any question arising at a parish meeting.

The consultation seeks the views of the public, local authorities and the parish sector on:

    * the trigger (the number or proportion of electors required to demand a poll)
    * the voting arrangements for parish polls
    * the questions on which a poll can be held
    * consequential related matters

Ways to respond

Email to :parishgovernance@communities.gsi.gov.uk

Write to:

Hannah Brook
Department for Communities and Local Government
2nd Floor NE, Fry Building
2 Marsham Street