Failed, incompetent or corrupt politicians in the UK and countries

We hire them at elections.

So we should be able to fire them too.

There is a way to do this to sitting MPs in the constituencies of our
towns, counties and cities.

It is called THE RECALL!

Here is how it works:
The recall process resembles the "citizens' initiative" used in direct
democracy.  A person or group makes a public proposal to dismiss a
politician or elected public official. Then an agreed proportion of
constituents must endorse (sign) the proposal and if enough voters sign then a "recall ballot" must be held. A "vote of no confidence" leads to recall (dismissal) of the MP or official.

If the sitting MP loses the RECALL ballot then a by-election will be
held in due course.

More here:

If you favour this idea pass it on to five of your friends.

I&R ~ GB Citizens' Initiative and Referendum
Campaign for direct democracy in Britain