With only a minority of votes the Conservative party won a majority of seats in our elected parliament so that they will be able to rule alone for up to five years (statistics below). Our "representative", indirect democracy does not provide sufficient mandate or authority to run the country. The well-being of most people of the UK will be of secondary or minor interest to the new government.
one in four

people eligible to vote supported the "winner" David Cameron and his right-wing "conservative" party


There is a way to supervise and control a government which betrays its promises or refuses to pursue the best interests of the people.

We need methods of DIRECT DEMOCRACY which enable the electorate to:

block unwanted law or government policy, by holding a veto-referendum

put forward proposals to make or change law; proposals well supported by the public must be placed before the whole electorate for decision by ballot

recall or sack MPs who have failed or "lost the confidence" of their constituents

Using the "citizens' initiative" proposal we could demand a referendum to introduce fairer ways of choosing our members of parliament and government.

Statistics (rounded figures)
Total electorate 46 million. Votes for Conservative party about 11 million. Turnout 66 percent.