citizens' initiative and referendum

a sensible project for the run-up period to parliamentary elections.....
Why not start a group for more democracy and real public participation, based for example in your town, city or county? Network with campaigners in other regions.

The idea is to introduce elements of binding direct democracy into all levels of governance: village, district, county and country; and applying to major decisions of or about the European Union.

We think it is best to focus on democratic methods and procedures which have already proved their worth so suggest

Initiative and Referendum I and R
This means direct democratic decision-making by citizens on issues which they select and judge to be important. It does not mean abolishing political parties and parliament, on the contrary it can allow co-operation and consensus. It would alter - for the better - the way public decisions are made and the way policy is carried out. And with the instruments of I and R we the people can make and change our constitution.

I and R appeals to people whose views span the whole democratic political spectrum.

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