citizens' initiative and referendum

some ideas for action
- ideas for election run-up periods
- thoughts for the longer haul

ideas for the (next, local or country-wide) election run-up period

• Ask representatives of political parties about their attitudes to direct democracy. Write to head offices and approach local constituency branches. Suggest that they should indicate support for I and R in their election manifestos, if they have not already done so. Show them the "People's Proposal to Renew Democracy" and ask them to introduce a similar bill in the House of Commons and in the local or county council.

• consider voting ONLY for those candidates who pledge to work for the introduction of I and R if they get elected

• give special attention to candidates in borderline and "megastar" constituencies, and those with ministerial ambitions

• stand as a direct-democracy candidate in a local or country election

I&Reach out to people and groups (see below)

thoughts for the longer haul

Ask ourselves "What must be done to promote I and R in Britain?" and prepare a list of aims and tasks.


Inform family, friends, colleagues, about existing resources and proposals
e.g. this website http://www.iniref.org/  and Direct Democracy Campaign

Reach out to schools, churches, sports clubs, trade unions and professions, unemployed, self-employed, colleges and universities, other groups and "people in the street" (and pub).

Persuade your own leisure/work group or organisation to support I&R ~ GB

Design an I&R ~ GB logo.

Find ways to produce (or locate) printed information, e.g. brochures, booklets about I and R. These could contain brief history, outline practice, and show how I and R might work in Britain.

Consider commissioning one or more studies of the history and practice of I&R, in order to produce rich material which can be put to different uses. Aspects such as
a) current state of I and R in Britain
b) I and R examples from other countries
c) potential of digital communication to enhance I and R
d) history of direct democracy (DD) in Britain

Organise conferences about I and R in several different regions of Britain.

Seek journalists who want to write about I and R, plus magazine and newspaper editors who agree to publish our materials or a commissioned article by one or more of us. Try to convince TV journalists to make programmes about how I and R works, e.g. recent spectacular results in Thuringia and Hamburg (also 1995 in Bavaria); the very extensive Swiss experience of a 100 or more years DD. Look into the human stories behind the campaigns and the enthusiastic participation.

Ask the owners of (especially frequently visited) internet websites to display a prominent link to our www sites.

How about a "Green Ribbon" campaign for I and R ?

Put an I&R ~ GB link in your e-mail "sig".

Build a list of experts on I and R, who are willing to answer questions and/or to speak at meetings.

Vote for more democracy and register your comments at http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/dd-gb

Demonstrate support for I and R in Britain, e.g. persuade other people to vote for I and R, in the pilot "referendum for the right to referendum", on paper or on-line (collect signatures).

Start a membership organisation, club or movement with the aim to promote I and R in Britain.

Volunteer to help, e.g. work up campaign materials, design internet presentations, fundraise, donate.