citizens' initiative and referendum



1. To inform and educate about citizens' initiative and referendum (I and R) called by the people.

Achievements include:

Informing ourselves about and studying direct democracy, especially Iand R, and looking at examples in other countries, in order to offer reliable knowledge to all who want it.

Building World Wide Web presentations which show the case for I and R in Britain and link to expert groups, organisations and universities.

Reaching out to the British public via Internet and Newsgroups (Usenet).

Sharing experience with other groups, especially in Europe, who are working to promote I and R in their countries.

We plan to:

Approach public and private organisations, trade unions, churches, professional groups and citizens asking for endorsement of our proposals, co-operation and financial support for the campaign.

Develop educational materials for schools, seek contact with educators and pupils.

Publish brochures and pamphlets which clearly present the case for I and R in Britain.


2. To promote a public debate about initiative and referendum in Britain.

Achievements to date:

We have introduced numerous "threads" about I and R and direct democracy into on-line Newsgroup discussions. Try a key-word search.

We have promoted the idea of applying digital systems of communication to facilitate
I and R and direct democracy, further to improve the quality of public debate on political issues. Having mentioned that, we are convinced that "real-life" contacts and approaches are of primary importance for any social and political reform.

A "referendum for the right to referendum", still going on, has been organised in order to demonstrate support: you can cast your vote and comment via http://www.iniref.org/campaign.html#vote

Plans include:

To take forward our proposal for a government Green Paper which shows how I&R works and invites public debate how I and R can be introduced in Britain.

To continue in our search for journalists and mass media people who wish to write or broadcast about I and R and direct democracy.

To approach political parties and MPs about their views on introducing I and R in Britain.


3. To work for the introduction of elements of direct democracy, such as I and R and recall of elected representatives, into the British system of government.

Achievements to date.

By raising consciousness and spreading proposals all of our above work has contributed to this aim. The campaign is at an early stage. Most people have not seriously considered the idea to introduce I and R in Britain, many have never heard about it. We are not the only group which promotes direct democracy. With others it appears that "Citizens' Initiative I&R" has contributed to the growing awareness that we, the people, must take more care of the politics done in our name. In opinion surveys more than seven out of ten agree that some form of I and R should be introduced.


We must build on the above achievements and progress with the plans. In order to move forward we need

- active members who work with us and who help to start up locally and regionally based groups and campaigns,

- statements of support and endorsement of our aims,

- financial donations and gifts to Citizens' Initiative I&R.