New political party will campaign for referendum on the brexit final deal

UK 21st February 2018
A new political party will campaign for the right of the British people to have the final say in a new referendum about "brexit". In a future general election they promise to put up candidates for many seats and attempt to persuade MPs to oppose brexit.

The party calls itself RENEW BRITAIN

From their own presentation:

Renew Britain
A new political party is here. We're recruiting like minded people to #RethinkBrexit & #RenewBritain
Stop Brexit – a second referendum
Our country is divided by the EU referendum because many people feel they were lied to.
We believe a second referendum is overwhelmingly in the interests of both Brexit and Remain supporters. This referendum would be on the final deal negotiated with the EU, so the country can vote on the reality of Brexit and come to an informed decision.
With a hung parliament, an election could happen at any time. We will put pressure on all politicians to offer a second referendum by standing parliamentary candidates in every constituency in the UK. unquote. source

Note: Campaign for Direct Democracy GB, presented at , has no connection with this political party, "Renew Britain".

Background news item
REUTERS February 19, 2018 New British party inspired by Macron seeks to overturn Brexit


16 February 2018 INIREF wrote:


We people of the UK have NO right to obtain a national referendum on demand. Until this deficit of our democracy has been removed by effective reform, as in feudal times we must beg our politicians to allow us a ballot on an important matter of state such as "brexit".

Formally, only Parliament can enable a referendum by passing a special law. So, to promote proposals for a referendum on the brexit terms, we must contact and try to persuade our own constituency MPs in addition to lobbying government and trying to raise broad public support.

Every small action can help, for instance re-tweet*   and spread this e-mail appeal in social media and to all your contacts. *Electorate should decide BUT only Parliament can grant a referendum on #brexit deal. See worked out bill in HoC To support or reject this contact your MP , promote your viewpoint widely!!

Referendum on the Brexit "deal", proposal in Parliament

Updated 15 Feb 2018**
Terms of Withdrawal from EU (Referendum) Bill
A proposal presented in the House of Commons by Geraint Davies MP


Referendum on the Brexit "deal"

Hold a referendum on the Brexit "deal", the negotiated terms for leaving the EU. This is the aim of a bill put forward by MPs in Parliament. Plenty of time is left to think it over, to debate and lobby.

If you wish to reject or support this proposal then you should contact your MP and also if possible promote your point of view widely,

In this bill the "terms" or "deal" for leaving the EU are called the "exit package".

**In Parliament the Next Event will be the second "Reading" of the bill on 23 February 2018.

On the proposed ballot paper will appear two choices, only one of these may be marked with a cross, they are:

Support the Government’s proposed exit package (ed. and  leave the EU).

Remain a member of the European Union.


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