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2 June 2019



Why should the Tory party automatically be allowed to continue in government? The party is in crisis and since 2016 in government they have failed to enact their central policies.

They do not have a majority in our elected parliament the House of Commons.

The Conservative Party in government over years has failed to resolve the major issue of our time, UK EU relations. Why should such a party have the apparent right to continue in government when they have failed to deliver on this issue, are so divided, are about to select a leader who may well be less competent than the current one, a party for these and other reasons manifestly incapable of realising good and reconciling policy for the UK?

Theresa May was anointed as prime minister with the claim that her "confidence and supply" deal with the Democratic Unionist would enable her to carry out her policies. That has turned out to be a failure.

Candidates to replace May as Tory leader were NOT (in contrast to May) elected to House of Commons as party leader.

The appointment of Theresa May as prime minister was personal (ad hominem sorry about gender). She had to make her case for forming a new government (to our quasi-presidential powers).

Other party leaders should be invited to present their proposal to form a government. They would need to describe policy which could attract majorities in Parliament. For instance, The idea of accepting the EU UK withdrawal agreement on the condition that a referendum be held on this agreement versus the status quo. (Leaving without a deal has been firmly rejected by Parliament so clearly must NOT be on any ballot instigated by Parliament).

Facilitation for solving the above problems could be provided by a competent, constitutionally based, PRESIDENTIAL SYSTEM. This would have the power to intervene in affairs of state after Parliament and government have utterly failed to reach timely agreement on major issues. Do we have such a "back up" system? Could it be the Privy Council, various "deciders" ("oligarchs", other occult figures) and the monarch or monarchy ?

Guildford, formerly Perthshire
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