Brexit: referendum on negotiated terms. Opinions and Official Petition UPDATE

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Parliament will debate this petition* on 11 December 2017. You'll be able to watch online at

Editorial, The Independent on-line 25th October 2017

"Politically, the UK cannot be pulled out of the EU without Parliament at least agreeing to the terms (and, much better, those being referred to the British people in a final referendum)."

A vote on Brexit, in Parliament or in the country, is more important than the timing


The Guardian,  opinion of Hugo Dixon, 30th Oct. 2017

".... if public opinion turns decisively against Brexit, not holding a referendum would tear the country apart. If the Tories pressed on with Brexit after the will of the people had changed, as it became clear what a horrible mess we were getting into, the country would be apoplectic."

Is a second Brexit vote possible? Yes if the people want it


UPDATE, 30th October 2017

*Petition: Hold a referendum on the final Brexit deal

We, the undersigned, call upon HM Government to give the people of this country the final say on the Brexit deal negotiated by the UK and EU. This would be done through a referendum that would take place prior to the April 2019 exit date. (For more detail go to Petition web site).

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Parliament will debate this petition on 11 December 2017. You'll be able to watch online at

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