Pass this on: MPs (11th Dec.2017) to debate Petition for Referendum about final Brexit deal

MPs will debate the Petition for a referendum about a final Brexit deal. The proposed referendum could also enable the electorate to stay in the European Union by reversing their "brexit" decision of June 2016.

The petition has been endorsed (27 Nov. 2017) by 130,000 citizens. Petitions signed by 100,000 or more people may be offered debating time in Parliament.

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now to support the proposal. Unless the current Parliament is dissolved, this petition will remain open until March 2018:

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4.30 pm Mon 11th December 2017
Westminster Hall debate
E-petitions 200004 and several others relating to a referendum on the deal for the UK’s exit from the European Union
- Susan Elan Jones  MP Clwyd south
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There is growing public and business unease about the way brexit negotiations with the EU are going. Numerous calls have come from people and organisations across the political spectrum to hold a referendum on the final "deal" and about whether to go ahead with brexit or not.

By a narrow margin in June 2016 the electorate voted to leave but the conditions for leaving were not known, there has been uncertainty and confusion. So there is a case for asking the electorate to decide by referendum if the worked out terms are acceptable.

For parliament itself to block brexit would be regarded as undemocratic. Anger and frustration would result. With a referendum the people could in fair play decide to confirm or change the decision which they made earlier.

Petition: Hold a referendum on the final Brexit deal

We, the undersigned, call upon HM Government to give the people of this country the final say on the Brexit deal negotiated by the UK and EU. This would be done through a referendum that would take place prior to the April 2019 exit date. (For more detail go to Petition web site).
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