Ballot Choice
Accept negotiated brexit terms and leave EU, or Remain in EU

Commons proposal for ratification referendum on final brexit deal
Published 5th December 2017 and earlier.

An amendment (numbered 120) to the European Union (Withdrawal) Bill (1) is described by its Member of Parliament authors as follows:

"This amendment is intended to ensure that before March 2019 (or the end of any extension to the two-year negotiation period) a referendum on the terms of the deal has to be held and provides the text of the referendum question."
"The question that is to appear on the ballot papers is—“Do you support the Government’s proposed new agreement between the United Kingdom and Gibraltar and the European Union or Should the United Kingdom remain a member of the European Union?”" (2)


If you want to take part in a final voters' decision about "brexit" then contact your MP asking her or him to support this referendum proposal, amendment.

Find your MP at parliament's web site. This service will recognise postcodes and names of MPs or constituencies, or fragments of these.

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2. Commons: Notices of Amendments as at 4 December 2017 | PDF version, 614KB     05.12.2017 (See PDF document for easier text search.)

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