31st October 2018

Ray of light through the "brexit" FOG! Cross-party MPs for new referendum ballot

Calls grow stronger for a referendum about brexit and the final deal (or exit from EU with "no deal") proposed by our government. To launch and run a national referendum an act of parliament is needed. The government of prime minister May opposes another referendum and will try to block the move, for instance by denying the elected parliament the chance to vote on a referendum bill or effective legal motion. MPs of several parties support the proposal for a new ballot, a "people's vote" (1) about brexit. Some have "come out" to express support and others have gone further and begun to organise for action.

The Observer reported 27th October 2018:

A new cross-party group of MPs plans to thwart Brexit by swinging the Commons behind a second referendum as soon as Theresa May requests parliament’s backing for a deal with the EU, as pressure mounts on party leaders to put the issue back to the people.

Tory, Labour and SNP members say they will table a “killer” amendment in favour of a public vote. The amendment, if passed, will state that acceptance of the prime minister’s deal must be dependent on a public vote taking place beforehand, in which people would be offered the choice of leaving on the terms of that deal, or staying in the EU.

The group, led by the Tory MP and former GP* Sarah Wollaston, is determined to maintain the momentum from last weekend’s march through London by 700,000 people in favour of a people’s vote, by showing remainers that MPs in all the main parties are prepared to fight for them in parliament.

Wollaston is working with a team of two other GPs – the Tory MP Phillip Lee and Labour’s Paul Williams – and the SNP’s Philippa Whitford, who is a surgeon. They are particularly concerned by the effect Brexit will have on the NHS but warn it will also be a catastrophe for the economy and jobs.

They believe the move has the backing of more than 100 MPs, and that they have a chance of pushing the amendment through if the Labour leadership shifts position and whips its MPs in favour of a second vote. (2) UNQUOTE

1. Campaign for Direct Democracy GB (Iniref) endorses Best for Britain's roadmap to a people's vote on Brexit

2. INIREF has appealed to politicians and called for public action to secure a new referendum about UK and EU, see our
Open Letter to the Labour Party about their handling of "brexit" and the matter of a new referendum or "people's vote"   
9th September 2018

* GP means General medical practitioner, "family doctor"
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