Citizens' right to a new "brexit" referendum: A tragi-comedy of errors, fallacies, half-truths and skulduggery: Part TWO

{Part ONE already broadcast: Theresa May's government attempts to evade and fight off a new "people's vote" about UK and EU}
Negative role of the largest political parties, for many months they have hindered the people's right to take the final, definitive, sovereign decision about brexit.
a. Labour party

In the "brexit" process the largest two UK political parties have emphatically NOT distinguished themselves in the practice of democracy. For many months it has been clear (e.g. see the principles outlined above) that "a final" and decisive say, about leaving the EU or not, should belong to the sovereign electorate. In this context the Labour Partly, especially its leader and some prominent shadow ministers, have used the option of a new referendum like a toy in the game of politics. "We are against." "We would not entirely rule out a referendum but a new general election would be much better." "We still intend to vote for "brexit" but we are keeping all options including a referendum on the table". Aware of strong public support for a second referendum Labour has been been dangling this prospect in the sea of public debate like bait on a fisherman's hook. This apparently selfish tactic, seeking only own party advantage and a chance to grab the power of state, has harmed democracy by delaying the instigation of a second brexit referendum. People need time to consider such an important matter, they must adapt and inform themselves in order to take on the greater responsibility required in this sort of direct governance by citizens. Some Labour leaders have quite recently proposed that ONLY IF the government's brexit proposal is defeated in Parliament then might the decision – in a time period expected to be of national chaos and hectic haste  – be generously (helplessly?) chucked back to the people, leaving us to sort out the mess created by our politicians and "oligarchs", "representatives" of the people in our democracy. The campaign and preparation for a "final deal" referendum should have come many months ago, with much broader than seen, cross-party support by responsible, democratic politicians.

Some fundamental errors of the Labour party, mainly its leaders:

Background. Most of the political parties currently in the Commons seem to have little respect for the people as citizens of a polity, here the UK. The people, acting through the enfranchised electorate, have NOT been adequately recognised as the supreme authority in the state and as an "organ" or essential actor in our political system of self governance, democracy. The democratic proposal, that the electorate should have the final, binding, say about how we leave the EU or whether we remain in it, was publicly proposed in 2016 and has received strong public support. The major parties failed
utterly to respond to this reasonable demand, which required announcement well in advance of any deadline, effective public information, widespread debate, careful preparation e.g. about franchise and wording of ballot, many months of planning. 

To the Labour party.
1. Their claim that gaining a general election would be far superior to proposing and holding a referendum on the final brexit "deal" (the negotiated terms for leaving the EU under Article 50 Treaty on european union). This may be party political logic and instinct but it is democratic nonsense. To say that a single issue ballot of the whole electorate can be made unnecessary by a general election is like comparing a rosy, good apple with the whole panoply of fruits and vegetables expected (or promised) in a harvest. Britain's relationship to the rest of Europe (mainly EU) is a single albeit complex issue which demands and requires the full attention of all the people. A single parliament (opposition and governing group) and single government (especially one like Theresa May's which lacks a majority in the elected House of Commons) have no legal nor constitutional right to drag the whole population over a "brexit" cliff WITHOUT obtaining the full and well informed consent and mandate of the people in a plebiscitary ballot.

2. The people's right to take the final decision about "brexit" has by party political jousting been relegated to a possible, not even a confirmed role, of "back-stop" or last resort. Some leaders of the Labour party have proposed this for several months, recently (now late December 2018) have several prominent tories made similar suggestions (although the sincerity of these suggestions must be regarded sceptically). Only if the latest (of several "definitive") of Theresa May's proposals to leave the EU were to be rejected by Parliament would then, possibly, the People be asked in a referendum about their opinion. The result, so our intrepid rulers, would probably not be binding on government and others. According to the ruling élite, the people cannot be trusted to make an intelligent judgement about a complex matter of state. In the context of "brexit" it seems that the politicians fear that the people, now better informed about UK and EU, could well decide against the interests of the political parties, their ambitions for power, their cronies and donors.

To follow, if time allows:

Part TWO (b)
Negative role of the largest political parties, for many months they have hindered the people's right to take the final, definitive, sovereign decision about brexit.
b. Conservative and unionist party ("Tories")


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