Take the people's plebiscite OUT of party politics!
Brexit is a matter for the whole country and generations to come.

Iniref proposes that a new UK/EU referendum should be held so that the electorate can decide about terms for leaving the EU, which we could not possibly know in 2016. At the same time we encourage that respect should be shown towards our system of indirect, "representative" democracy. Only after the wheels of government have turned, interactions and consultations with Parliament completed, should a clear and final recommendation be put before the people in a referendum.

Democracy experts such as the Council of Europe recommend clear questions and realistic, well-explained, straightforward alternatives. Parliament has the right to decide about the referendum's design, questions or propositions on the ballot, timing and binding versus advisory nature of the referendum result. We recommend
that the result shall be binding* and that the options on the ballot should be only two .... :

1. The government's proposed agreement for leaving the EU,
    Leave the EU with no agreement,

(if the latter be recommended by the Government or
by default has become the only option.)

2. Remain in the EU by revoking our request under Article 50, Treaty on European Union.

This referendum must be planned NOW and held regardless of which parties are in or have taken over government, independently of whatever proposals have been finalised by Parliament and government for leaving the EU.

We appeal to citizens and politicians: Take the people's decision about UK and EU, with a binding referendum-ballot, OUT of party politics! Brexit is a matter for the whole country and generations to come.

* This was the case for the 2011 referendum about electoral system, "alternative vote"



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