MPs propose that Parliament should approve Theresa May’s deal on one condition –
a new referendum

MPs propose that Parliament should approve Theresa May’s deal on one condition – a new referendum (1). There are signs that this idea will attract support (2).

Phil Wilson is Labour MP for Sedgefield and Peter Kyle is Labour MP for Hove and Portslade. In Sedgefield, County Durham, 60 percent voted Leave, whereas in Hove and Portslade on the south coast the result was 70 per cent for Remain (2016 EU referendum) (1).

At we have argued the case for a new referendum (3) which would pit the government's proposal for leaving the EU (with or without a "deal") against the option of remaining in the EU (4).

We suggest that Wilson and Kyle's proposal (1) is very worthy of serious consideration and debate, a way to end the present brinkmanship and circumvent deadlock in the brexit "game".

Wilson and Kyle write,

"Compromise is needed. Therefore, as MPs who campaigned to remain in the EU in 2016, we are prepared to facilitate the passage of the prime minister’s deal through all its stages in parliament if the deal is to be put to the people for a final decision.


We propose an amendment to the withdrawal agreement making any public vote on the deal legally binding, so the vote would be final. There wouldn’t be the best of three, or even five referendums. Whatever the result, that would be it. Either the withdrawal agreement would be implemented or Article 50 revoked.

The question posed would be a choice between the withdrawal agreement, as passed through both houses of parliament, and membership of the EU on existing terms. Article 50 would need to be extended to accommodate the exercise, but it seems to us that is going to happen anyway."

1. Two Labour MPs are planning to table a Brexit compromise in the House of Commons

2. Cross-party move likely to be put forward as amendment to EU withdrawal bill

3. Referendum on final "brexit" deal: How should it be done? 13th August 2018
by Campaign for direct democracy in Britain, Citizens' Initiative and Referendum I&R ~ GB

4. See collected comments about brexit and the quality of our UK democracy at , for example:
Take the people's plebiscite OUT of party politics! Brexit is a matter for the whole country and generations to come.

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