May 2017

Book review by Danny Dorling in the Times Educational Supplement
Brexit: How the prime minister, unions and bosses lost and a small group of men from the far right fringe won 4 May at 09:26:

Danny Dorling, Oxford University wrote:
"This is a good book, but it does not follow the money. A better book would try to work out how people were influenced to swing so wildly towards Leave in the run-up to the vote. But thanks to this book we know how the vote did swing over time to Remain and which groups of voters were easiest to influence, if you had the money, could put up enough posters of immigrants flooding in, and have enough newspapers report them."

We at INIREF would like to know more about what the rich people and businesses who massively funded the brexit campaign believed that they had to gain if Britain leaves the EU. Are they worried about their monies and businesses and tax evasion in tax havens? About stronger regulation of finance and banking which might be introduced by the EU? About a possible transaction ("Tobin") tax which, although suggested by Attac has been recently praised by Herr Dr. Schäuble, the German finance minister?

Has anyone tried to collate evidence about this? Are there articles or ongoing studies which try to "follow the (brexit) money"?

Here are a couple of "case reports":

Sir Paul Marshall on backing Brexit: Hedge fund chief wants industry to find its voice in debate on how to leave the EU

Peter Hargreaves gives £3.2m to Leave Campaign Hargreaves Lansdown's co-founder revealed to be one of the biggest backers of the anti-EU campaign group in the referendum.

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