Preliminary Proposals for the introduction of 

Elements of Direct Democracy in Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Collated January 2007 by Michael Macpherson

The four sets of proposals originate from four different groups (date of proposal in brackets)

Unlock Democracy, a joint programme of Charter88 and New Politics Network (2006)

Power Inquiry (2006)

Our Say (2006)

I&R~GB Campaign for Citizens’ Initiative and Referendum (1994-1999)


The “four sets of proposals” may be found in www at

In response to direct approach of I&R~GB the following experts have very kindly commented on one or more of the 4 proposals. Click author’s name to reach his comment. Readers may of course if they wish correspond directly with the commentators. You will need to remove SPACES (anti-spam) from e-mail addresses. To read replies and correspondence click REPLIES, below.

Readers please send your comments if any and copies of important correspondence to 
M Macpherson e-mail


Michael Efler e-mail michael.efler @
Ph.D. Political scientist and economist. (Doctoral thesis: International Investment Agreements – current status and reform options) Board member, Mehr Demokratie e.V. Germany.

Miroslav Kolar e-mail miro @  
Physicist, democracy reformer. Lives in Canada. Ph.D. in Theoretical Solid State Physics (Prague) Principal Scientist; LS Computing Ltd.. Field: “Modelling of reaction-diffusion and electrochemical processes”. CV Founder Direct Democracy Meeting Place

Paul Ruppen e-mail forum @
Swiss political scientist PhD in Sociology and Political Science (University of Bern). Editor of “Europa-Magazin”   and President of the “Forum für Direkte Demokratie” in Zürich. 

Milan Valach e-mail Valach @
Ph.D. Direct democracy campaigner and academic, Czech Republic 
Faculty of Education, Department of Civics, Masaryk University Brno
Czech Movement for Direct Democracy

Tim Weber e-mail @
Political scientist. Mehr Demokratie Bremen, Germany

Anonymous guest
Replies may be sent to the unnamed author via

Kieron O'Hara  On direct democracy a "constructive sceptic". Senior research fellow in Electronics and Computer Science at the University of Southampton, and a fellow of the Web Science Research Initiative. His books include: 'Plato and the Internet' (2002); 'Trust: From Socrates to Spin' (2004); 'After Blair: Conservatism Beyond Thatcher' (2005); 'The Referendum Roundabout' (2006)