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Voters demand that new MPs work for better democracy

New parliament, same old system.
An election has been called. As Britain lurches from crisis to crisis, it can be hard to know where to begin.
But wherever you stand, at the centre of our political system there is a lack of accountability. Once in government, politicians are free to act as they wish and we have no way of restraining them until the next election. Our super-centralised political system gives the prime minister - whoever it is - immense power. (Unlock Democracy 20 Oct 2019)

Help to promote the introduction of modern citizen-led direct democracy in the UK and devolved polities. See

Why has public dissatisfaction with democratic politics in Britain grown in recent years and how can it be reversed?

These explanations stand up in the face of the evidence:

citizens do not feel that formal democracy offers them enough influence over political decisions;

the main political parties are widely perceived to be too similar and lacking in principle;

political parties and elections require citizens to commit to too broad a range of policies.


Iniref comments:

Simply giving away your vote at a general election once every few years, then having no say during the years between, cannot be regarded as effective democracy.

In contrast, modern direct democracy enables every citizen to take part in developing policy and deciding important public issues while keeping tabs on MPs and government. The "tools" for this have been tried and  tested they include the citizens' law-proposal, the veto-referendum, the constitutional referendum and the recall (sacking) of elected officials.

Politicians are in the main opposed to this type of democracy. Parties and government act to hinder reform so to achieve progress will need lobbying and campaigning.

Surveys confirm that a large majority of people in Britain approve the essential principle of direct democracy: An agreed number of voters should be able to put forward a proposal and demand a referendum about it. This reform would give us the options of direct democracy parliament and government would continue to function much as before, doing most of the work of running the country. From time to time though, on some public issues which we select, the electorate would take over responsibility to decide a matter of law or constitution directly.

What you can do:

Approach parliamentary candidates and ask them to support the introduction of citizen launched referendum. For this, Parliament must pass a new Democracy and Political Rights Act. Spread the word and kick off debates about the need for more and better participation in politics: We need the People's Law Proposal (Citizens' Initiative) and the Electors' Veto referendum to block unwanted government law or policy.

Approach candidates and sitting MPs (see and ask them to sign our STATEMENT ON DEMOCRACY

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